Problem: All our lives we have been talked to about hygiene, both personal and of our environment, particularly our homes. So we always made sure to buy the home cleaning products that killed the maximum number of ‘germs’ in those television commercials that showed numerous animated black bugs crawling on the sparkling white surface of a bathroom. We bought into the stories told to us by Harpic, Surf Excel, Wonderclean, Vim and more. They all scared us of the ugly, black ‘kitanu’ (Hindi for germs).

Solution: Of course our homes need to be kept spotless clean. Young mums will vouch for this more than anything whether they have new borns whose immunities are still building or toddlers who are crawling all over the floors. But what most people tend to ignore is that the desired cleanliness can be achieved through natural products as well, those that are safer for you, your family and for the environment.

Listed below are the products that we have tried and loved. We regularly use a combination of these at home.

Washing utensils

  1. Herbal Strategi dish washing liquid – Most Indian homes have domestic help washing the dishes and almost every one who has tried to switch to natural products will tell you that their housemaids are so used to the lathering products that leave steel utensils making a ‘squeak squeak’ sound. This product is one that will work for your house help and comes in the kind of packaging they are used to.

2) Krya dish washing powder – This one is pure as pure can be, it’s like going back in time and cleaning the way our ancestors used to. It does take a little more time to clean using this one but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the planet. Even if there is some residue left on your dishes, it is safer than ingesting harmful chemicals.

Mopping floors

  1. For mopping floors, again Herbal Strategi is our go-to brand. We usually get the 5 litre packaging in order to avoid too much packaging. Larger pack sizes are always the better choice. This is a simple no-fuss solution, just dilute a capful in a bucket of water and mop away. It leaves a nice lemongrass fragrance behind as well.


  1. Common Oxen’s detergent powder can be bought directly on their website and after using this one, we have not felt the need to even look for another. It cleans clothes gently and does not leave them with that aweful fake fragrance that most other detergent powders do.

2) Rustic Art’s little laundry detergent is another one that we have tried and highly recommend that one too. It’s great for using on even infants clothing.

Toilet and bathroom cleaning
1) Common Oxen’s Shine Shah is a multi-surface cleaning powder that works well for bathroom and kitchen floors, as well as for the inside of toilets and basins.

2) Herbal Strategi’s toilet cleaner is one of the latest additions to their bouquet of excellent products. We cringe at the use of plastic packaging each time we buy something in it but thankfully this is the thicker plastic that holds some value for the scrap pickers and is less likely to end up in landfills.

We’re happy to respond to special queries regarding an enviro-friendly and safer alternative for any regular product. We believe that switching to these kinds of products will be beneficial for your families as well as for mother Earth.