Most women are addicted to one and men feel no shame in using one. Even women who swear against make-up seem to always have a lip balm in their handbag. A lip balm is not make-up. It is an essential for keeping one’s lips protected from extra heat or cold, from the sun or from the wind. A lip balm protects from cracked lips, perks up tired lips, helps disguise smokers’ lips and makes lips look more luscious. If it has a tint, even better.

We all knew that. But do you know of all the harmful chemicals that might be in your little pot of lip balm? Most lip balms are petroleum jelly based, which is a by product of crude oil. Studies have linked this to various kinds of diseases. They may also contain saccharin, mineral oil, paraffin and parabens. For this reason, it is imperative that you use a natural one, preferably organic. It’s better for you and for the environment.

When I first started my walk down the path of eco-consciousness a few years ago, the first product I decided to attack was my lipgloss. I used to use a Christian Dior light pink lip-gloss which was meant to keep my lips moisturised as well as impart a slight hue to them. I was also mostly that annoying friend who forgot to carry her own lip balm and dug a finger into a friend’s lippy pot. I’m sure I have subjected my lips to a lot of chemicals but ever since I went natural, I magically had my lip balm in my bag all the time, using a chemical laden one was just not an option any more.

Here are my top five organic or natural lip balms for anyone wanting a safe and reliable lip balm for regular use:

1) Vanastree Kokam Butter Balm – 15g – Rs 100

This one is my absolute favourite and for me no other balm comes close. With a beeswax base, the colour of Kokam and the smell of camphor, this lip balm gives lips a lovely shine, a deep magenta tint and an ultra soft feel. At Rs 100 only, it is also the least expensive. If I haven’t already convinced you of the awesomeness of this product, this salve can also be used on cracked heels, elbows and other dry spots. Sourcing this balm is however, not that easy. There is an order form on the website and they only service bulk orders. Reach out to me and we can put together a larger order size.

Vanastree kokam butter balm
Vanastree kokam butter balm lip balm and skin salve

2) Ruby’s Organics Lip Balm – 7g – Rs 450

At around double the price of other lip balms, this one is definitely a tad pricy but it’s well worth it. Once applied, it keeps your lips feeling juicy for the next few hours and in the winter when your lips are feeling dry and chapped, there’s nothing better than some Ruby’s loving for them. The orange oil lip balm will give a lovely tint to your lips. They also have a red tinted cinnamon lip balm which will impart a brighter shade to your lips.

3) Lucky Lips lip balm by Burst of Happyness – 10g – Rs 169

India’s answer to the world famous ‘Burt’s Bees Beeswax lipbalm’. Having been a user of Burt’s Bees, I can honestly say that switching over from any other lip care product to Lucky Lips lip balm should be a piece of cake. Its base is cocoa butter and it has a very mild flavor. It leaves a slight fruity taste on your lips and a lovely aroma lingers.

4) Soultree Viola Kokum Butter balm – 3.5g – Rs 295

I’m not usually a fan of this kind of packaging for lip products. I prefer pots. However this lip balm with a clarified butter base is definitely worth a ranking in my top 5. I also usually like lip balms that have a tint so this one fits the bill on that count too and it does seem to be a favourite amongst most other people. Its smooth texture just glides over your lips making it very easy to apply and reapply. It also comes with a lovely fragrance to boot.

5) Organic Harvest Green Apply Lip Balm – 10g – Rs 199

This organic lip balm has a great fruity flavour. There are no artificial colours in Organic Harvest lip balms, instead they are enriched with food grade flavours. It is gluten free and does not contain bees wax. This organic lip balm is also a great base to use under a lipstick.

I’m hoping to slowly be able to start making some of these products on my own. There are plenty of recipes available online. More on this when I actually come around to some experimentation. In the meanwhile, if you have more time on your hands or the extra enthusiasm, you’ll find some DIY lip balm recipes here.