At Green OK Please, we ensure that we’re as environmentally sustainable as possible, we try our best to walk the talk. And for this reason, we did a lot of research before we arrived at the perfect hosting plan for our website.

Internet hosting is one of those aspects of our lives that most people would never even think about before buying. But we need to remember that we have an impact on the planet through every single thing we do and every choice we make, even something that might seem as insignificant as web hosting.

What is the environmental impact your hosting provider could have?

  • Carbon dioxide emissions: Do you know that a web server on average produces more than 630 kgs of Carbon Dioxide in a year – this is more than the CO2 produced by a car annually.
  • Energy consumption: One web server consumes around 1000 KWH of energy in a year.
  • Release of harmful chemicals: the fire suppression efforts of data centres require a lot harmful chemicals which result in ozone depletion as well as ground water pollution through run offs.
  • High global warming potential: Data centres need coolants and batteries, a huge amount of them. Coolants contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) which trap heat and result in increased global warming.
  • Materials that go to landfill: Keeping up with technology as a whole requires a regular change of hardware, a lot of which does not end up getting picked up for recycling and thus ends up in a landfill.

In short, by 2020, the Web Hosting industry will surpass the Airline industry in environmental pollution! 

So, what is Green Hosting?

Green Hosting is hosting which is 100% run on green technologies – renewable sources of energy, energy saving appliances, carbon offsetting, are some of the practices adopted by a green host.

Our hosting provider, Green Geeks is 100% powered by wind energy. You can lower your footprint on the planet by making the right choice with regards to hosting. You can read more about why you should choose green hosting, here.

For all of the above reasons, we chose to go with this green hosting. At around 3.96 USD per month, it might cost us a dollar or two (around INR 150) more than the larger global hosting providers our digital industry expert friends recommended, but we went with our gut and have not faced a single problem for over two years.

If you’re convinced with what you have just read, and intend to switch to green hosting, we would be very grateful if you purchased it through our affiliate link. This will help us make a small commission which will eventually go a long way in helping us bring more such useful content to you.