Hey Hey Hey! How is everyone doing today?

It’s been a long hiatus since we created some major green waves in Pune city (and around the country) from our launch in 2013 to our relaunch in 2015, to today when we’re ready with Green OK Please version 3.0!

In truth, Green OK Please has been flowing from one idea to the next without really ever pausing so let us quickly bring you up to speed with what’s been up at our end:

  • Our first co-founder Shweta Foulger, moved lock, stock and barrel, to her husband’s homeland, Australia with two babies in tow. She now works as a teaching aide at a school in Brisbane. She also volunteers at an organic farm and conducts workshops on sustainable living. She’s definitely keeping the Green OK Please spark alive, within and without!
  • Our second co-founder Rashi Goel, also moved, but remains closer to home, in our capital city, New Delhi. She continues to work in the environmental sector with a focus on waste management through upcycling and recycling. She is actively trying to spread the idea of living consciously at various conferences and events as well as through articles for some magazines and websites.

At Green OK Please, we stand for conscious consumption and our aim is to bring you interesting, relevant content that will help you live a healthier and happier life that is also better for other people and our planet.

Ours has been a journey of many trials and lessons. We have tried (AND SOLD) a large  number of chemical-free products, we have learnt how to make our own healthy alternatives, we have organised, attended as well as presented at various events on the topic of sustainability, we have connected with some wonderful people in this space and now we would like to share our knowledge with you in the hope that we can help you live better, travel lighter, and grow faster.

We hope that you enjoy reading all of our upcoming posts. Welcome to the side with the greener grass 🙂